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Rejuvenation & cellular regeneration

Immortality is an alchemized vibrational essence that is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of The Immortal Jellyfish.
Ingredients: Spring Water, Alcohol used as a preservative to extend shelf life, and Vibrational Essences (as listed above).
Content: 10ml bottle of Immortality.
If the alchemical vibrational remedy is used daily, one bottle lasts approximately one month.
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Turn Back Time & Access The Fountain Of Youth

Immortality works to revitalize one back to their youthful self, opening new potentials and activating the inner foundation of youth.



What is it?


Immortality is a vibrational essence and alchemical remedy for the new paradigm.

Made from the Immortal Jellyfish which has the ability to completely regenerate its structure if it gets old or injured badly. This capability and message to the cells have been captured in a form our bodies can now understand and is now available as “Immortality the Vibrational Essence.’’


Countless testimonials are flooding in from all around the globe from people who are in awe at the results they’ve experienced and seen.



How does it work?


  • Immortality reverses the aging process quickly as we get a stronger cellular message to return to our youthful self and so we see effects like increased youthful vigor, better skin tone, thicker hair, fewer wrinkles, better circulation, less joint pain, and more energy and enthusiasm for life.
  • All of these effects are noticed within a few days and they continue to improve the more immortality one takes.
  • The effects are permanent as you are returning to a younger age although it takes the cells a while to catch up everyone noticed major effects after a week maximum and in a day minimum.
  • As the body heals itself and clears old cells it also spits out some old memories that are stored in the tissue so one has memory flashes back to the past and to the innocence of youth.


We recommend anyone over the age of 25 who wants to feel younger and drink from the fountain of eternal youth, anyone who wishes not to get old and die and to reverse the aging process.

We do not recommend anyone who is pregnant or Breastfeeding to use this remedy.
Anyone using psychiatric medication should consult with their doctor beforehand.

Old aches, pains, and injuries at times may come to the surface for further healing as a “detoxification” or purification-like symptom. Anyone with artificial implants, pacemakers, or other artificially implanted items in the body should consult with a doctor before taking this remedy.


Immortality is an alchemized vibrational essence that is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of The Immortal Jellyfish (Turritopsis dohrnii).



We do not make any medical claims with this remedy, effects vary by each person and work on energetic levels first and foremost – naturally creating shifts in the physical body.

Do not take it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Only for people who are over 25 years old.

10 reviews for Immortality 10ml

  1. 5 out of 5

    Steven Bartlo – June 16, 2020 South Africa

    The experience of immortality on the physical level is sublime.

    After finishing my first bottle of Immortality on Friday I have so much energy that I can barely channel it into words for this review, I just want to sit and marvel at how amazing EVERYTHING is. And it has been quite a journey.

    Expect physical and mental aches and pains to the surface and be vanquished. I went through the lower back, shoulder, hip, and headache issues but the feeling of rejuvenating just keeps on pulsing. The experience of immortality on the physical level is sublime. A few years ago I had to have a basal cell carcinoma surgically scraped off my forehead, so I know that for me these things begin as a crusty patch of skin and slowly harden into small wart-like things that eventually start to bleed. There have been a few spots that come and go on my face and the crown of my head but I find that I can keep them suppressed and nearly gone with strong THC cream. Since I started with the Jellyfish three small spots on my face have disappeared completely and the more advanced ones on my crown seem to have reduced in size. I took a two-day break after my first bottle then yesterday had a dose in the afternoon.

    Wow! Just flying on the wings of my choice, as if I was receiving all the really good and manageable parts of all the medicines I have ever taken. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me next.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Hugh Gogo – June 12, 2020 South Africa

    The creator of this latest in the stable of profound vibrational medicines is no one-hit-wonder. Just try his remedies then see what you think about alchemical homeopathy. Adam is a true mystic, guided and blessed, and you will know once you’ve taken them that you could try to take them recreationally, but they will very deftly put exactly what you need to have mirrored right in your face, and you will end up using them for what they are for which is the work of personal transformation required by anybody wanting to find holistic balance in these times of intensity.

    This immortal jellyfish has a pure, simple, and potent energetic signature, felt easily in the body, accompanied by greater capacity physically, mentally, and emotionally, greater organizational skill and it gives pleasure in achieving the task easily. I and others report getting up energized and finishing all the dreary chores easily and quickly before starting a day full of energy.

    I have a long term pain condition so I am not expecting miracle instant results but I am noticing a greater general mobility and easing of old tensions. I highly recommend this remedy. I would caution that you prepare a support person or therapist or friend that you can go to, to share with and help process and support you through some of the things that might come up.

    I’m experienced and can normally handle but I still have really needed and valued my group of friends with some issues that this brought up for me. It’s not all happy daze, you know? This may not be a lightweight remedy for you. It might bring up your stuff. But that’s okay. That’s good. Breathe, clear, purge. Feel how great you feel after you start to get used to what it feels like without the disturbance of that heaviness in your system! Don’t underestimate it. Use it wisely. Enjoy it.

    It’s quite remarkable what Adam has been able to do with his proprietary advanced potentizing techniques. Guided by his affable passion and compassion. This stuff is legit.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Samantha – June 12, 2020 South Africa

    The wonder and the glory of Immortality!

    This magical and beautiful alchemy has surprised me each day with its healing power.
    Not only has it fast-tracked to serious physical areas first, but it has also addressed them with care and has healed them gently. The blessing with this medicine is that it provides us with the gift of connection to life while it heals.

    Water is one example – I’ve run my hands under a tap only to feel light running through my leg where I had just banged it. I also didn’t bruise or have swelling.

    I have felt an acute and intense connection to life and species outside of my own. Trees are wondrous and a language I was fractionally tapped into is becoming a newer and clearer frequency while I work with the remedy.

    Older physical wounds have been cleared and continue to be restored. A few examples are a stomach ulcer, several benign breast cysts, a cancerous scab on my face and arthritis – living in a modern world and for most of it, a western way has its way of sneaking up on us at middle age, and often we convert to plant or holistic healing too late, despite our spiritual quests for one love and peace and the rest.

    On an aesthetic level, the jellyfish blesses us with natural face fillers and wrinkle removal. Today I noticed that half my grey hair is back to its natural color (and not wiry)!

    Immortality starts working on the circulation immediately in a way that makes you want to move your body like you did when you were 15. Some cool memories crop up too and it’s nice to be at this point in life where we can take that memory to today and see the love in the journey from then to our wiser selves now – pat ourselves on our newer, younger and straighter backs at the blessing of receiving physical healing for the strife we may have had during that time or the wounds that may have occurred along the way.

    Our relationship with time changes as we have the energy to accomplish several tasks and the concept of facing death for modern world illnesses is not one to consider anymore.

    Immortality is magic. It has restored me with new life and the privilege of experiencing this alchemy and it’s healing is in itself wondrous – how it will change the way we live presents so very much to be explored and so many new possibilities to humankind.

    Mastery Adam, I am humbled with this gift and truly excited for the world to experience it too. One love and thank you, thank you, thank you.


  4. Tiffany Stone Cape Town, South Africa

    I’ve been using this remedy for just on two weeks now. My skin is noticeably softer to the point that even my partner has commented – he stroked my face last night and couldn’t believe the change and said that usually, my skin is so rough. My energy levels are noticeably different but also in the way that my mood is lighter And happier. I have so much more patience and capacity to relate to my youngest daughter, which is a marked difference. With more joy and inner exuberance, I am finding it so much easier to get through my daily tasks and activities. I don’t want this feeling to end!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Marie Coveley – June 20, 2020

    Immortality is a powerful game changer! Immediately after starting the drops, I felt so open and available to people, instead of being a recluse and working constantly. There was a want and need to be more open with my emotions. Usually, I am behind my laptop constantly creating and working, always too busy to do for myself meaning sitting and having coffee with a friend without a time limit.

    I started to take time to do what I wanted, meaning engaging with attending other people’s courses instead of holding my own.

    Always space holding and rarely allowing others to hold space for me. I also felt a huge unplugging from time. My ‘thinking’ started to change. I really started to embody the belief that time is infinite, cause it is! So if time is infinite there is no failure, right? We always equate our successes by how long they took or by what age we made it…..whatever that means. So you unplug from time and then there is an instant flow of possibilities and then you are more willing and open to aligning with that flow, no fear of failure, no fear of time. Quite a powerful concept. This shift alone will change EVERYTHING for you!

    Physically I no longer tire. I am a spiritual entrepreneur so I am always creating, always working with energy which sometimes it’s exhausting but now I’m alive at 530am and ready for the world! And no longer fall into bed at 8 pm! I am only in the early stages of Immortality, all this that I share with you has happened in the space of a month. This is just the beginning!!!

    Immortality will transmute those calcified parts of self that need a bigger push, so yes there is a purge that one needs to move through. It’s Divine balance. No different to any kind of detox, flush the toxins and then reap the benefits. What you must always remember when working with the drops is that if you do experience physical/emotional disturbances, this is something that is leaving you, not something that is happening to you.

    I have recently moved through some density, the release of old modes of thinking and programming. Now I feel amazing, better than I’ve ever felt in years, and FYI most of the time I feel good! So take these drops and enjoy the gift of Immortality! Love it!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Alex Christokat – June 14, 2020 Cape Town, South Africa

    I have been taking Immortality for 14 days now!! They are nothing less than mind-blowing and exceed any of my expectations!!! I feel like a newborn, full of life and new energy!! All depression, anxiety, and panic attacks are gone! A new zest for life!! Need much less sleep. Feel more flexible and fit!! As a matter of fact, I feel like 25 and I am 59!!

    My motivation and creativity are back!! My skin gets smoother by the day, deep wrinkles are softer and the skin feels tighter, too. From day one I got compliments on my fresh look… Little ailments are healing. My heart is wide open!! I am ready for a new life!!

    This is absolutely groundbreaking and just the beginning of something very big!!!!! Not in my wildest dreams, I would have thought something like this is possible!! My deepest gratitude to Adam for this miracle he created!! You and your creations are such a big gift to this world!! I am excited for every person who is going to take it!!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Holly Bell Beaton – (Writer, Stylist and Sustainability Activist) June 16, 2020 Cape Town South Africa

    I have been a reverent participant in the journey of Liberation, Redemption, and Blue Lotus for a number of years; and now I stand truly astounded by the energetic efficacy of Immortality.

    For the past two weeks, my life has changed dramatically; as if the essence is opening me up to receive a reality that I feel I have been working towards for a number of years. I am no longer encumbered by the fret of time, and feel totally at ease going at my own pace – whether warped speed or gentler – when and how I feel ready to engage with reality.

    I have a history of trying varying modalities and methods to soothe existential malaise and dread, but have found nothing as powerful as Immortality to open up my channels of attunement with hope, courage, and tenacity – I feel deeply humbled to be a part of this journey into recalibrating the body and mind;

    Immortality brings new meaning to the ascending nature of the soul to go beyond the limitations of the physical experience, and I am dedicated to being a part of the offering of this remedy for the world. –

  8. 5 out of 5

    Robyn Wilkinson, editor Holistica magazine, South Africa

    I have been taking Immortality for 3 weeks now. For 25 years I have been acting editor for various natural health and wellbeing magazines and had the opportunity to review hundreds of health products.

    Never have I experienced a product with such profound results in such a short time. In my personal experience, I have had the most incredible energy, literally boundless energy, I’ve had noticeably improved joint mobility and flexibility. My skin feels plumper and softer.

    Strangely, I have experienced unusual dreams from periods in my past revealing memories of difficult times and yet in my dreams feeling those times differently – allowing me to reframe them. Some of the dreams are so deep they stay with me the entire day. Another peculiarity is that water tastes incredibly delicious and I am compelled to drink more. This is such a strange and intriguing journey – I feel like I am learning so much about the de-aging process in noticing my body moving differently, with more vigor. I am awed by the deep-reaching and formidable effects. On one or two occasions I felt too energized to sleep but once in bed, I seemed to fall asleep without too much trouble. I truly feel this remedy is the most groundbreaking remedy and I am so curious to see the long term effects.

  9. 5 out of 5

    Adam Suzman – June 12, 2020 South Africa

    Absolutely bloody amazing, the wrinkles on my face have all but disappeared after three weeks the skin on my body has become soft like a child’s, my circulation has improved radically. The bald spot on my head is growing new hair, my hair is going from grey back to brown, and the energy, omg the energy I have not felt this alive since when I was 20 ( (am 51 now) and the focus also is just incredible I can work for hours without a break without even getting tired. Then there are my joints which are all become less sticky, I have greater mobility, all I want to do is exercise and when I do it is effortless,

    There have been a few physical aches and pains as my old cells kick out the memories from the past but I am definitely getting younger daily each day there is some new surprise that greets me when I wake up. I have been on it for a month, and for anyone who feels a need for more life force should definitely jump on this, you will be laughing all the way home.

    It seems incredible and too good to be true but somehow the message from the immortal jellyfish conveys itself to us and we are able to actually become younger more vital and reclaim our youth, Forget about a five-star rating this gets a fifty-star rating!

  10. 5 out of 5

    David Stein – June 11, 2020

    I’ve been using this new remedy for a week now and it’s definitely working in amazing ways. I’ve already noticed that my skins feels softer and my facial wrinkles are disappearing. I also feel that a lot of aches and pains in my joints are much better. It’s deeply rejuvenating.

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Immortality 10ml
£ 68.00

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