Immortality Vishnu 10ml

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Effortless accomplishment of tasks

Immortality Vishnu is an alchemized vibrational essence that contains the 15th level of the immortal jellyfish, Living Gold, two Vishnu mantras, and the Siddhidatri mantra.
Ingredients: Spring Water, Alcohol used as a preservative to extend shelf life, and Vibrational Essences (as listed above).
Content: 10ml bottle of Immortality Vishnu.
If the alchemical vibrational remedy is used daily, one bottle lasts approximately one month.
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Experience the transformative power of Immortality Vishnu, a divine remedy designed to guide you towards stability and deeper wisdom. As part of the series of wrathful and peaceful deities, each carrying invaluable lessons, Immortality Vishnu embodies the supreme being known for creating, protecting, and transforming the universe.


This alchemical remedy is particularly attuned to the stages of consolidation and building. In the journey of consolidation, it mirrors the process of constructing structures after breaking ground, plowing the field, and laying foundations.

Immortality Vishnu reveals the beauty of synchronized and effortless reality amid chaos, demonstrating that achievements can unfold with minimal effort and maximum enjoyment. It invites you to not only complete tasks but to savor the journey, reminding you that life’s essence lies in appreciating the moment.


Containing the 15th level of  Immortality, Immortality Vishnu introduces a profound shift.


Other ingredients included in this remedy are a living gold component, two Vishnu mantras, and the Siddhidatri mantra. Goddess Siddhidatri is one of the nine archetypal forms of  goddess Durga formed from Vishnu, Shiva and Brahma to bestow powers, or siddhis, upon individuals.


Engaging with Immortality Vishnu offers a rich tapestry of color and texture in the world around us. It encourages slowing down, paying attention, and appreciating the majesty of reality unfolding. The patient masculine energy it evokes brings endless patience, content to listen without interrupting—a true gift that allows everything to effortlessly align for your benefit.


This vibrational essence also addresses the incomplete masculine and feminine aspects within ourselves, often stemming from challenging relationships with our parents. By embracing Immortality Lakshmi, Kali, Shiva, and Vishnu, we embark on a transformative journey that resolves internal conflicts and paves the way for radiant integration.


As we move seamlessly into a stage of radiant integration, the path to wholeness becomes clear. This process allows us to bring our dreams into reality in the present moment, rather than in some distant future. The teachings of Immortality Lakshmi, Kali, Shiva, and Vishnu guide us toward completeness, empowering us to step into our integrated divine form—the form we were born to inhabit. In doing so, we rise in completion, shaping the world we truly desire and fulfilling our innate potential.



We do not make any medical claims with this remedy, effects vary by each person and work on energetic levels first and foremost – naturally creating shifts in the physical body.

Do not take it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Only for people who are over 25 years old.


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