Immortal Eyes 10ml

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Immortal Eyes is an alchemized vibrational essence that is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of The Immortal Jellyfish.
Ingredients: Distilled Water and Vibrational Essences (as listed above).
Content: 10ml bottle of Immortal Eyes.
If the alchemical vibrational remedy is used daily, one bottle lasts approximately three months.
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Immortal Eyes is an alchemized vibrational essence composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of The Immortal Jellyfish, just like the other alchemical remedies in the Immortality range.


It has been improving long and short-distance vision in several people and Adam’s eyes have improved radically in the months he has been using it.


There is no doubt that as we age our eyes are one of the first places we notice the effects of aging. Because you only need 1 drop in each eye, one bottle will last 3 months.


These are some of the testimonials we are getting from using Immortal Eyes.

“1 week of using eye drops: I woke up with white clear eyes for the 1st time in 15 years. I’ve been to 3 eye specialists (twice to Dr. Hill) and none of them could help me, years of swimming in chlorinated pools which caused sun-damaged eyes. The Immortal Eye drops definitely work.”


We recommend anyone over the age of 25 who wants to feel younger and drink from the fountain of eternal youth, anyone who wishes not to get old and die and to reverse the aging process.

We do not recommend anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding to use this remedy.
Anyone using psychiatric medication should consult with their doctor beforehand.

Old aches, pains, and injuries at times may come to the surface for further healing as a “detoxification” or purification-like symptom. Anyone with artificial implants, pacemakers, or other artificially implanted items in the body should consult with a doctor before taking this remedy.



We do not make any medical claims with this remedy, effects vary by each person and work on energetic levels first and foremost – naturally creating shifts in the physical body.

Do not take it during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Only for people who are over 25 years old.


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Immortal Eyes 10ml
£ 68.00

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