Forever 10ml

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Perfect wisdom and guidance

Forever is an alchemized vibrational essence that is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of the immortal jellyfish, Royal Jelly, The Light of Jupiter, Reishi, the Seeds of a Thousand Wild Flowers, Pine Polen, Protea Flower Nectar, Disa Orchid Flower, the Dhanvantari mantra, Golden Spiral, Schizandra, and the Ushnisha mantra.
Ingredients: Spring Water, Alcohol used as a preservative to extend shelf life, and Vibrational Essences (as listed above).
Content: 10ml bottle of Forever.
If the alchemical vibrational remedy is used daily, one bottle lasts approximately one month.
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Forever is the light version of Immortality Forever designed to be given to the more sensitive people
as well as children and animals.

Forever contains the Ushnisha Vijaya Mantra which acts to heal disease, and bring about longevity
as well as Creation and Golden Spiral as well as an amplified version of Schizandra a Chinese
adaptogen which helps us adapt to stress.

The idea behind Forever is that it can also be used in conjunction with Immortality Forever if one
feels the process is too strong due to the accelerating effect of all the immortality in it. What we
envision is a day on Immortality Forever then a day on Forever, or two then back to Immortality
Forever to drive the process. The introduction of creation was to ensure that one felt really good
while going through this state of purification. The idea behind including Golden Spiral is to always
bring us back to the purest ratio of ourselves, kind of like how we center ourselves if we feel we have
tipped too much to one side while walking.
The combination of these four stands to be very powerful but totally useable daily for any age group
and especially for those who are quite sensitive to the strength of immortality but who want to avail
themselves of the massive healing potential from the Ushnisha Vijaya mantra both physically,
karmically, psychologically and emotionally.
Forever can be given to anyone at any time as part of its brief is to cure the incurable we really have
no idea of how powerful it truly is but it is my belief that using it in conjunction with creation and
golden spiral it will generate a well of potency which will spiral out through our lives.


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Forever 10ml
£ 70.00

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