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Calm and relaxation

Blue Lotus is an alchemized vibrational essence that is composed of the potentized vibrational frequencies of Blue Lotus flower essence.
Ingredients:  Spring Water, Alcohol used as a preservative to extend shelf life, and Vibrational Essences (as listed above).
Content: 10ml bottle of Blue Lotus.
If the alchemical vibrational remedy is used daily, one bottle lasts approximately one month.
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Introducing the lovely and sacred Blue Lotus vibrational remedy.


Made alchemically by amplifying the frequency of the blue lotus flower essence, in the waters of the red and white springs of Glastonbury, representing the masculine and the feminine joined as one, the red spring is high in iron and the white spring is high in calcium and together they make a totality, a uniting of the two poles within us.


The white holy spring at Glastonbury also known as the chalice well is known for its miracles and this is where King Arthur is buried and where Avalon originated. Legend has it that there is a dragon living under the mountain who protects the springs.


The blue lotus flower has been used for thousands of years medicinally and was held to be the most precious and prized herb by the Ancient Egyptians who used it extensively in spite of its rarity. It was used in high doses to connect to the divine and reach states of higher consciousness and it does this by encouraging this state of soft yet calm openness with the world where one is truly open to the human experience.


Taking the Blue Lotus remedy is like having silk poured on your nervous system it produces a gentle calming effect, relaxing the nervous system at a profound level, allowing us to return to a more normal response to the world, a response without tension in the body.


It is also very useful for people who have difficulty sleeping, who are in states of agitation, or for people who just want to be calmer than they normally are throughout the day. The nice thing about blue lotus is that it in no way changes one’s perception and if anything it enhances it by allowing one to come from a place of greater relaxation.


Blue Lotus allows the blueprint of this sacred flower to help instill the very true human experience of divine ecstasy and oneness with everything that is in sacred union.


This alchemical remedy is very supportive when used in conjunction with Liberation the remedy, as it supports the nervous system as the heavy emotional layers arise and are cleared while walking through the Liberation process.


We are excited to offer this divine alchemy, the Blue Lotus remedy, to you today!



We do not hold any medical claims with this remedy, effects vary by each person and work on energetic levels first and foremost – naturally creating shifts in the physical body.

2 reviews for Blue Lotus 10ml

  1. 5 out of 5

    Elitsa Stoichkova, Bulgaria

    Blue lotus was a great blessing in my life. It had helped me to become more calm in the way I approach stressful and difficult situations. After using it for some time, I became much more able to stay in the midst of chaotic situations and accept them more easily and with peace. And I feel this effect was not only when I am using it, but remains afterwards in my life. I am grateful that I have discovered it. <3

  2. 5 out of 5

    Vero, Bulgaria

    What I can say, since the day I’ve tried Blue Lotus, is that I started immediately to feel the inner transformations. My daily life stress decreased immensely. In moments of confrontation, I began to respond instead of reacting or oppressing the feelings. It opened a space between the lines where I can rest and listen to my body and intuition. A sense of freedom replacing the victimization arose. The outer challenges started to feel more impersonal, which brought compassion to the bigger picture. These insightful gems integrate in the way of living; once you try, you have this inner knowing of how to act from your center than chaotically. It teaches us to know how to embrace the shadows in our lives, to understand them with love, and let go.

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Blue Lotus 10ml
£ 25.00

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