How does your Body Feel about Abundance & Money?

Join us in discovering a revolutionary way to embody abundance by uncovering the root cause behind all feelings of lack.

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The latest teachings on abundance are very clear: we attract at the level of our vibration. What is often missing is the realization of where the frequency of disconnection from our abundant nature arises from.

We FEEL this in our Bodies.  As we connect to that feeling place, we can free ourselves from the wounding that cloaks our Freedom.

Our holistic approach to Abundance & Money is about embodying a deep trust in life. When we say life we mean all of life including our incongrusnces and shadow aspects.

Our undigested and incompleted life experiences in the past inhibit the flow of our natural abundance in the present.

This includes the incompletions of our family blood line and ancestry.We can change our beliefs & thoughts, and still have deep resistance to our natural sovereign abundant nature

This course is for you if…


You keep meeting deep seated FEELING resistance to your abundant nature manifestations, even after addressing your beliefs and thoughts around abundance.


You are already feeling abundant and need tools to support others in embodying what you know as truth.


You want to learn group rituals (systemic constellations) that dissolve negative thought forms embedded in the personal and planetary field.

This is a huge collective issue. On some level, most individuals experience themselves as the victim of someone or something. This can be quite SUB-Conscious. The unconscious cellular memory of our ancestry is what dictates our mindset around prosperity or poverty. We can change our beliefs & thoughts, and still have deep resistance to our natural sovereign abundant nature.

The Soul experiences itself as nothing other than free and sovereign.

It is Neutral.

It views money as neutral.

It knows no lack of anything.

The BODY has stored trauma, ancestral patterns and beliefs, and collective programs that do not serve our Souls highest purpose and natural ability.

This groundbreaking course will focus on unwinding incongruence in your beliefs, thinking, language and emotions with powerful Taoist Inner Alchemy practices and systematic constellations (group rituals) that are designed to slip down into the cellular memory and transform ancestral patterns of fear and survival pressures.
Struggling with money and being in fear of being unable to take care of basic needs are symptoms of disconnection between our bodies, emotions and soul.

Money is a tool in physical form to teach us about our True Nature.It is a Symbol of and marker to what is Possible.

Many of us are in the process of RE-Membering who it is we are and what we are capable of. It is a time of Great Awakening, Clearing and Cleaning up Eons of stories and timelines that caused the mind to make conclusions to keep us feeling safe and in control.

Are you familiar with these questions & statements?

“Money is a tool in physical form to teach us about our True Nature!
It is a Symbol of and marker to what is Possible.”
Amy Lyn Pratyahara
“Forgiveness is not something we have to do! It is the very essence of the greater flow of life that is always present in each moment.
Trusting this greater flow much more than our pain without denying or repressing our pain, is the essence of Forgiveness”
Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

About the Course Facilitators and the Co-founders
of the I AM ABUNDANCE program

Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

Amy Lyn Pratyahara

Andrew’s Abundance journey.

“In many beautiful ways I feel very abundant and prosperous in my life, but a repeating pattern for me my whole life was a lack of consistency around my receiving abundance and there did not seem to be any logical explanation for it!!! Of course, the issue was deeper than my mind, the pattern was stored in my cellular memory.

Meeting Amy was life changing for me she quickly pointed out my energy around abundance was the archetype of feast or a famine. I suddenly remembered that before I was born (I’m the eldest in my family) my mother had 6 miscarriages so imagine the fear I experienced while in my mother’s womb and the joy when I was born. This feast or famine archetype became a mythic theme played out in my life. Making that connection conscious really started an amazing process within me and I saw how everyone alive has a valuable contribution to make to our planet once these patterns are made fully conscious.

What I have seen over and over in my work with thousands of students all around the world is that we all carry ancestral limitation primarily from our blood family but also much deeper back.

We will be sharing very powerful; systemic constellations (simple but powerful and very safe group rituals) specifically designed by myself and Amy to uproot the core issues around Guilt, Shame and Victimization.

These three core wounds are what block most human beings from being able to accept their abundant nature.  We are all trying to resolve individually and collectively these core wounds. We all carry them at the collective level.  When we affirm as a group to heal and forgive these wounds it’s much more effective and powerful then to try and do this alone. I’m so excited to be offering this program with Amy in Cape Town South Africa.”

With Love Andrew Kenneth Fretwell

What other people say?

When I first met Andrew, I recognized in him a kindred soul who has discovered the quintessence of life. Because we also share a similar background, having studied with some of the same Taoist masters, we have both reached the same understanding of the importance of love as an embodiment.
Andrew carries that spirit everywhere he goes. He truly embodies the principle of selfless service. In addition to this, he is one of very few people I have ever met who has a gift of physical touch that I would describe as Divine.
Whoever you are, listen to and learn from this man. He has a great wisdom and sensitivity that you will only very rarely come across in this life.
Richard Rudd
Writer & Poet – Founder of the GENE KEYS
Working with Andrew is a powerful step into both your shadow and light. This container brought a life long and what showed up to be generation-long trauma and went out of the 90 minutes with material so profound that I wouldn’t hesitate to say genius. With Andrew, you not only meet the Gene Keys but first and foremost Andrew´s direct downloading from above. The session set motion to a series of inspired actions in my private & professional life. My unlimited recommendations.
Helene Krenchel
Author & Coach


“I remember being a child and feeling so FREE, Joyful and, well, ABUNDANT.  I didn’t have this word for it back then, but I recognize now that Abundant was what I was feeling.  In other words, I lacked nothing.  I had everything I needed or wanted in Joy.  I didn’t feel any longing for something I didn’t have.


It’s very playful and FUN feeling.

Of course, I lost this feeling along the way.  It got buried beneath conditioning, domestication, authority figure and societal belief system imprinting.

At some point, I began to RE-member my Abundant and Playful nature.

When I met Andrew, he further pointed me in the direction of this feeling through my body.  He helped me recognize that this is original INNOCENSE.

And, in this recognition, and through Andrew’s encouragement, I began to bring to surface a form and structure of Abundance Mindset Training (AMT) that could be passed on to others.

I have gifted many with understanding along the way, but it was Andrew who brought me back to the beginning.  My true Nature was present before the fear and shame that became a staple in my life growing up and into adulthood.  His wisdom and validation of my emotions and feelings allowed me to go to an even deeper level of Abundance within my Body and Field.

I have encountered ancestral patterns around my beliefs and continue to unravel and unwind deterrents like victimhood and helplessness.

Abundance is our Birthright.

We are Born Free.

When we let go of what is not US and bring awareness to the incongruence we carry between our Body, Mind, and Emotions, we begin to quite naturally reveal Abundance and Prosperity within the body where it can Manifest in the outer world.

It is Truly Empowering to live the life you were meant to live.   Just as the Orange tree effortlessly bears a seemingly unending supply of fruit, we are designed to Prosper in all ways.  I have observed over and over in those I assist, the incongruence that blocks abundance.  It seems like such a mystery to most, as it once did to me, and yet it is quite simple in essence.

Andrew and I are of One Heart and Mind in our desire to share tools to return our experience of this physical life to the original Blueprint of Abundance.  I am grateful to be Co-Creating this event in South Arica, where in many ways, it all began.”

In playful anticipation Amy Lyn Pratyahara

What other people say?

“Amy has helped me heal my relationship with abundance and transform my money stories. Not only was I blocking money from my business, but also the abundance of love and connection I wanted in my marriage. I constantly made things harder because I believed money and success were “hard” to create. Through our work together, I learned that by creating safety and alignment within, I could ALLOW abundance to flow in ALL areas of my life and business with EASE.

Stacy Raske Martin

Amazon Best Selling Author and Business Coach
“I have the pleasure of knowing Amy and her amazing skills for 3 years now. We met during a transformative trip and she was gracious and kind. I was struck by how quickly she “knew” me and was able to help me identify patterns of misbehavior in just a few minutes. She has an unique ability to hold me accountable and care for me unconditionally. I am inspired to lead my team with kindness and compassion and accountability. After working with Amy, my mindset has expanded to include abundance in a way that was previously blocked. She helped me clearly see how I was limiting my abundance by attaching to a misbelief of me doing all the work. I realized that I was playing the role of martyr in my work and personal life. Now that this pattern has cleared, I am able to ask for help when I need it and partner with key support in my life. This has been transformative in my business and personal life. My life is richer for having known her.”

Elizabeth Gibbs

RYT-200; MaEd; EdS; dōterra Gold Leader


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