Liberation  is designed to be taken daily. Three to seven drops of the pipette to be taken directly onto or under the tongue. There is no need to hold them in your mouth; you can swallow them straight away. Liberation may be taken at night, generally two hours before sleep, or in the day. First thing in the morning is good. The advantage of taking it at night is it allows more dream processing of past events to occur, which can be useful especially if there is a lot of traumatic history.

The advantage of taking it during the day is you get to watch your own process as it plays back in reverse. People you have not seen in ages may suddenly appear before you to interact with, or old memories may surface for you to watch. This in itself is very interesting as it allows you to see how much trapped memory is actually stored in the body, slowing you down.

Some people take it twice a day, though I do not recommend taking it more than three times a day as the flood of memory might be a bit intense and unpleasant. Ideally this process should be as rapid and powerful yet as gentle as possible. Far exceeding the recommended dose might be overwhelming.

Liberation is fairly impervious to most things like heat and cold, but strong electromagnetic frequencies might not interact so well, so don’t store it on the microwave or next to your wifi router.

Apart from this, the one thing you must always avoid is direct sunlight, as this will have an adverse effect on the remedy and may even destroy it if exposed for long enough. Some of the components in this remedy are impervious to the sun, but some are not. The remedy is contained within an amber vial so there is some protection and a few seconds in the sun is fine, but to be safe always keep it out of direct sunlight.

Anyone over the age of 18 can take Liberation. It could conceivably be taken by those younger but I have done no studies on this and until further information comes to light I would rather keep it in the realm of consenting adults. This being said, it is just cleaning your memory so could be useful for anyone, but for legal issues I am at present only advising it for people over the age of 18. Part of the reason I do not recommend it for the under 18’s is they are still developing and I do not think it is wise to interfere in natural processes even with the best intentions.

It is contraindicated for pregnant women and lactating mothers, it should also not be given to people on psychiatric medication.

I could write a book on this question alone. I will try and be as brief as possible.

Liberation is designed as a cleaner of memories. It is able to go into the body and unlock the door where the memories are kept. This allows memories to bubble to the surface and either be experienced as a dream or as waking life full body memory of the stored event.

Lots of memories have been stored in the body from emotionally traumatic events and when you take Liberation it gives the body the chance to release them by experiencing them once more – sometimes with the emotional content, sometimes not.

Once the memory is unhooked from the body, the space it was occupying is freed up. This then joins the pool of available attention you have to bring to any event. Since memories take up resources, when you release locked memories you release the resources so you literally have more energy at your disposal.

If we take the rocks out of the backpack we are carrying the journey becomes much easier as there is less weight to carry and we can move faster. This applies to emotional baggage as well. Once emotional baggage is released we have a greater pool of emotional force to engage with any situation.

This is just one aspect of the remedy – the rest relates to clearing all sorts of other blocks which might be stopping you from being completely yourself.

The base of the remedy establishes the mood of openness and exultation; the feeling anything is possible and you are free to pursue what you want and will have the energetic resources and drive to follow through on this, all engaged in the mode of enjoyment.

Life is not meant to be a struggle and a stress. Joy and boundless creativity are your natural state and this remedy aims to return you to this place.

Another part of the remedy strengthens your taking no nonsense from the world, being firm and unapologetic in your convictions about being you. This helps you make the needed changes to move away from dysfunctional behaviours, patterns, relationships, etc. to a more healthy interaction with all beings and with yourself.

This remedy is intensely personal. It is all about you and your relationship with yourself. Therefore what you will experience in your journey back to self is inconceivable, although there are certain areas it will inevitably touch in the process, namely: relationships, work interactions and ways of interacting more optimally towards a beneficial outcome for all.

This is just the start of the journey with Liberation. Once you gather steam you will have the energy to engage more, without exhaustion, so your experience of life becomes richer and your interactions become more authentic and cleaner.

Lots of people have experienced increased clarity and depth while working with their preferred discipline – tai chi, yoga, chi kung, meditation – and then there are sports and other martial arts where I am sure people will also experience growth.

I am not making any claims about this. I am merely relaying my experiences and the experiences of many who have taken it, and in this we find the common ground Liberation covers.

Other people have found their conflict resolution skills improving as they are less prone to go into conflictual states and find a new more enjoyable way of engaging with the situation, one that works for all.

I can personally vouch for this as it helped me move quickly through situations which would otherwise have been a bit of a nightmare. It is with total pleasure I watch as all parties, myself included, emerged happy.

The list of effects really goes on and on, but the main point to take away is if your body and mind are working more harmoniously with your self, your ability to navigate and engage with reality becomes more effortless and enjoyable.


I would say definitely no, even though no tests have been done on this to date. I am unwilling to even approach the subject due to its volatility and rather err on the side of safety. Pregnancy is a time for building new cells so this deep cleansing process would best be done before or after pregnancy.

So to clarify, do not take during pregnancy. Ever.

This question is even more problematic to answer than the pregnancy one. However, once stored memories in the body are cleared and more of the body’s natural energies become available, there is less of an impediment to total health.

In a nutshell, if you are feeling great and full of life you are less likely to be sick. How this translates into health in the body and removal of general conditions is inconceivable and will be the subject of people’s testimonials with Liberation.

But for now we make no therapeutic claims for Liberation and allow for anything. One woman who was suffering from depression took it and is now doing fantastically, but this is just her story.

To some extent we are all suffering from the psychological ailments of living and surviving in the world, otherwise known as stress. Liberation definitely makes it easier and more enjoyable to get up in the morning and have a great day without a lot of the normal stressors. In this regard, yes, it will have an effect on improving one’s quality of life and everything included with that.

The alchemical essences  are designed to be taken daily.

Can be taken anytime of the day. Taking the Blue Lotus remedy is like having silk poured on your nervous system it produces a gentle calming effect, relaxing the nervous system at a profound level, allowing us to return to a more normal response to the world, a response without tension in the body. Because of all these benifits Blue Lotus can be used on its own.

We recommend taking Redemption during the day. It is to be used in conjunction with Liberation and/or Blue Lotus to navigate our way back out of the maze and is a massive gift to humanity at this time to aid us in our journey back to the self.

We recommend taking Immortality during the day. Immortality is designed to be taken on its own and reverses the aging process quickly as we get a stronger cellular message to return to our youthful self and so we see effects like increased youthful vigor, better skin tone, thicker hair, fewer wrinkles, better circulation, less joint pain and more energy and enthusiasm for life.

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