Vibrational Essences & Alchemical Remedies that Transform Lives

Walk With Ease Through Your Spiritual Awakening

We live in a time where the energetic intensity on each individual is increasing. As many begin to tune into their energetic and subtle bodies, unlocking their empathic and sensitive qualities, the intensity of the experience can at times become overwhelming.

Liberation is a creation that walks the talk in its ability to support individuals in the activation of the mind, body and soul. It does this by purifying karmic imprints and removing stagnant emotional debris that we all carry. Liberation is a product designed for anyone simply looking to be free from unconscious patterns, self-destroying habits and the clutter of conditioned responses that make up most of our days.


"I've been doing qi gong daily for 10 years. Since taking Liberation I am going deeper and deeper, and my instincts have become sharper and the chi is flowing deeply into my cells along with this is a gentle and deep connection to Source. I am Liberating so many old beliefs and patterns. It is a powerful transformational remedy inducing huge shifts on many levels. I will certainly continue using it for the powerful magic it's inviting into my life, seen directly as changes and growth. People even tell me my face is changing and that I am lighter and more direct. Beautiful, thanks Adam. Every day I experience such joyful liberating shifts since using this magical remedy."
Michelle Scholtz
Cape Town Soth Africa

Adamas Incendia the creator of Liberation, a remedy of Inner Alchemy

A Full Spectrum Natural Alchemical Formula

A complete formula of ingredients, carefully prepared, alchemized and synthesized to form, LIBERATION.



An ancient alchemical formulation made from 9 gems each of which has been burned 100 times to unleash their deepest regenerative  and karmic cleansing capacity.


Dust collected and potentized from the 4 fires that have been burning continuously for the last 50 years. The fifth fire is the Sun. This ash represents the distilled focus of fifty years of transformation and cleansing.



Generates the almost childlike abandon of simple enjoyment of the little things, the feeling of a child watching a butterfly for the first time.


A mineral which cleans water and acts as an electromagnetic shield.  Since blood is mostly water this has a deep and powerful effect on the blood which carries our mind.



A Durga vibrational sound mantra for transformation and change, allowing the passage of events to unfold more smoothly as things clear.



An adaptogenic mushroom which helps tie all the ingredients together, bringing them into synthesis and balance.


The Secrets Of The Ancients, Revealed.


A spiritual and alchemical technology creating a new way to optimize and realign one’s life. Liberation uses newly discovered technology with ancient formula’s, now being made available to all.


Focus, Power & Balance


When focus is not being spent on running old patterning which has been flushed out of the body we are able to bring all our energy to bear on any activity.  It also means that we do not spend our time dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. This translates into less exhaustion in the body, we also need to sleep less as we move faster into and out of relaxation.


Flush Out The Old, Make Room For The New.


When we have cleaned out the habitual patterning we normally engage in as part of our history and learned memory, we no longer get caught up in the emotional dramas of our life.  Liberation does this by bringing it all to the surface to be seen, felt and then released once and for all. Then emotions can arise normally without the habitual obligation from the past to respond in any particular way and we can then either engage with them or not without the tendency to be caught in their very alluring trap.

We then have the option to pluck the lotus from the water without falling in.

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